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The collaborative network, where the worlds of limitless possibilities and business innovation converge
Logo of Dragon Lab - Business Innovation Consortium

Dragon Lab - Business Innovation Consortium

The dynamic and visionary Business Innovation Consortium empowers organizations with transformative solutions and fosters a collaborative ecosystem for growth and innovation. As a catalyst for change, Dragon Lab brings together a diverse network of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, industry experts, and creative minds


Unlocking Innovation,
Dragon Lab's the Destination!
Whether you're seeking groundbreaking research, efficient execution, or effective management solutions, Dragon Lab is your trusted partner
Through our comprehensive range of services, including research and development, deep tech consulting, market analysis, business matching, investment projects, and strategies, we unlock the full potential of your businesses
Global R&D spending, driving innovation and business competitiveness
Businesses face unsuccessful investments without thorough project analysis and planning
Allocation of marketing budgets, emphasizing online strategies vs offline tactics


SMEs worldwide accept cryptocurrency payments


Research & Development

Digital Innovation

Strategic Investment

Corporate Marketing

Unleash innovation through market research, product development, and technology consulting. Bring your vision to life and facilitate strategic business matching
Navigate the world of cryptography, data protection, blockchain technologies, and corporate deep tech solutions. Harness the potential of secure solutions and regulatory compliance
Maximize financial potential with services ranging from project selection to risk assessment. Achieve successful outcomes and growth through informed investment decisions
Elevate your corporate brand with end-to-end marketing solutions. From brand strategy to digital campaigns, achieve targeted sales and business growth
Connect now to access ready-to-use solutions and conquer new heights for your business today

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Not all projects are presented here, most of them, alas, are under NDA. Too bad, but that's part of our job
Highlights from 2015 to 2023: selected projects we are proud of
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Business Management System
21st Century New Silk Road
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What We Offer

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01 —
Business Consulting

Analysis of business needs, R&D, strategic planning, and optimization of processes for enhanced performance

06 —
Corporate Branding

Crafting compelling brand identities, strategic positioning, impactful promotion, lead generation, and growth-hacking techniques

02 —
Market Analysis

Comprehensive assessment of customer behavior, market demand, localization insights, and competitive landscape

04 —
Business Matching

Facilitating successful collaborations, strengthening partnerships, and connecting with local contractors

05 —
Legal Compliance

Ensuring legal compliance, navigating corporate law, and safeguarding intellectual property rights

03 —
Investment Advisory

In-depth analysis of projects and companies, risk assessment, and financial modeling for informed investment decisions