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Unleash innovation through market research, product development, and technology consulting. Bring your vision to life and facilitate strategic business matching

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Dragon Lab - Business Innovation Consortium

Dragon Lab is dedicated to driving innovation, research, and the development of new technologies. We collaborate with organizations to transform their ideas into practical solutions, providing comprehensive R&D services to fuel growth and create a competitive edge

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01 —
Market Research

Conducting extensive market research to identify emerging trends, customer insights, and competitive landscapes

06 —
R&D Project Management

Providing project management expertise to ensure the efficient execution of R&D initiatives

02 —
Product Development

Assisting businesses in developing new products or improving existing ones through innovative design and engineering

04 —
Prototyping and Testing

Assisting in prototyping and testing new products or technologies to validate their feasibility and performance

05 —
Localization and Adaptation

Offering localization and adaptation services to help businesses enter new markets effectively

03 —
Technology Consulting

Providing expert advice and guidance on technology strategies, adoption, and digital transformation
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07 —
Collaboration and Partnerships

Facilitating collaborations and partnerships with research institutions, universities, and industry experts

12 —
Business Strategy and Innovation

Crafting strategic plans and innovative solutions to help businesses achieve long-term success and growth

08 —
Business Matching

Leveraging market research and industry knowledge to connect companies with local suppliers, buyers, or business partners, facilitating successful business matches across different regions

10 —
Technology Evaluation and Adoption

Assessing and recommending the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and competitive advantage

11 —
Market Demand Analysis

Conducting in-depth analysis of market demand to identify opportunities for new product development and business growth

09 —
Demand Search and Audience Research

Analyzing market demand and researching target audiences to inform product and service development
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