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South East Asia
Buying, selling, renting, or investing can be difficult, but when you choose eco-friendly real estate, we can help you move forward faster

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Reluxes Eco-Real Estate Portal Phuket Thailand The Fifth Condo
Reluxes Eco-Real Estate Portal Phuket Thailand Senere Condominium
Reluxes Eco-Real Estate Portal Phuket Thailand Senere Condominium
Reluxes Eco-Real Estate Portal Phuket Thailand Accenta Condominium
Reluxes Eco-Real Estate Portal Phuket Land
Sustainable living and eco-friendly housing are REVOLUTIONISING THE REAL ESTATE MARKET, attracting a diverse range of individuals to a better, more efficient way of living
Eco-friendly homes are becoming increasingly popular with a new environmentally conscious generation starting to look for rental properties. Young professionals who are living in the city are less likely to buy a home than ever before, so are looking for a rental property that meets their exacting requirements
$24.7 trillion
could be a global investment opportunity in green buildings by 2030, according to the International Finance Corporation
of millennials are willing to pay more for an eco-friendly property according to Nielsen
By 2050
all buildings in the world will have a "net zero" level of emissions in accordance with the plan of the World Green Building Council

Eco-friendly Villas

Manick Hillside

A distinctively upmarket residential estate in Phuket, Thailand. All villas capture the breathtaking views of hills, lakes and lush natural vegetation. This unique development of just 15 villas

Botanica Lakeside

Surrounded by unspoiled nature and a large lake at your doorstep. The pool is tiled with natural stone, which serves as an element of resistance to the free floor layout. Vaulted teak ceilings


The complex is located in lush tropical gardens. Each villa offers a private sanctuary of luxury and style. The villas have a long pitched roof over the living/dining room with fans providing a cool breeze

Sunrise Ocean

Wide sliding windows that can be fully opened and the pool area significantly unite the living room area. Absolutely stunning sea views and an infinity pool with iridescent water will give you a sense of unity with nature

The pearl of the Andaman

When it comes to finding a place that best encompasses all the wonderful things Thailand has to offer, Phuket always proves a popular choice. With stunning white beaches, gorgeous turquoise vistas of the Andaman ocean, nearby islands, a vibrant nightlife – that is getting safer by the day – and plenty to do in the way of adventures and activities

Future of Real Estate

In 2021, The World Economic Forum released the Green Building Principles: The Action Plan for Net-Zero Carbon recommending a set of principles to help companies deliver net-zero emissions.

Developed in conjunction with JLL and WEF's Real Estate CEO community, the principles offer clear steps for net-zero carbon buildings and encourage companies to adopt a pledge to reduce building-related emissions by 50% by 2030 and net-zero carbon real estate portfolios by no later than 2050.


Carbon footprint
Calculate a robust carbon footprint of your portfolio in the most recent representative year to inform targets
Target year
Set a target year for achieving net-zero carbon, by 2050 at the latest, and an interim target for reducing at least 50% of these emissions by 2030
Embodied carbon
Measure and record embodied carbon of new developments and major refurbishments
Major refurbishments
Maximize emissions reductions for all new developments and major refurbishments in the pipeline
Energy optimization
Drive energy optimization across both existing assets and new developments

Net-zero Emissions

Renewable energy
Maximize supply of on-site renewable energy
100% off-site energy
Ensure 100% off-site energy is procured from renewable-backed sources, where available
Reduce scope emissions
Engage with stakeholders with whom you have influence in your value chain to reduce scope 3 emissions
High-quality carbon offsets
Compensate for any residual emissions by purchasing high-quality carbon offsets
Equitably share costs
Engage with stakeholders to identify joint endeavours and equitably share costs and benefits of interventions

Gold Standard for Wellness in Asia

An aspirational wellness community where like-minded people would come to heal their body and soul. Residents could embrace nature and interact with the community to learn how to become a better and happier person. It's a place to grow, learn and truly live together with all generations of the family

The Benefits of Investing in Eco-Friendly real estate

73% of millennials are willing to pay extra for an eco-friendly property. The installation of renewable energy systems massively reduces the cost of running a home. Eco-friendly properties are more affordable in the long term

High Demand

An eco-friendly property is an example of a property that will stand out. Newly built, eco-friendly properties will attract higher-paying tenants over time. Especially as demand continues to increase

Long-term Security

A sizable $17.8 trillion of this investment potential lies across East Asia Pacific and South Asia- a region where more than 50% of the world’s urban population would call home by 2030, based on a study produced by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Market Potential

As sustainability shifts from being a “new niche” to a norm across sectors ranging from fast-moving consumer goods to consumer durables, the scene in the real estate industry will be no different


Our eco-values

Eco-friendly Home & Lifestyle Insights

For those who care about the preservation of the environment, environmental protection begins at home. Eco-friendly homes offer much more than just environmentally sound construction, they can also be innovative, elegant, and ultra-luxurious, combining eco-friendly living with cutting-edge design.

The eco-house of the 21st century is designed taking into account environmental requirements both inside and outside. Many of them are LEED and Energy Star certified, built using environmentally friendly materials and natural resources, taking into account energy costs and air quality, and equipped with energy-efficient systems such as solar energy, roofs with solar panels, geothermal heating, and cooling, energy-saving hot water, and rainwater harvesting.
Those who are looking for adventure, as well as caring about the environment, can still enjoy all the comforts and luxury of home surrounded by a private eco-reserve or eco-friendly privacy off the grid.

All green, ethically and aesthetically designed houses provide the perfect balance between human comfort and a light footprint on Earth, in harmony with nature for the enjoyment of future generations.

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