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Navigate the world of cryptography, data protection, blockchain technologies, and corporate deep tech solutions. Harness the potential of secure solutions and regulatory compliance


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Dragon Lab - Business Innovation Consortium

Dragon Lab is dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting and execution services in the field of cryptography, data protection, and blockchain technologies

With a team of experienced lawyers, blockchain developers, and security experts, we offer tailored solutions to help client companies navigate the complex landscape of cryptocurrencies and ensure the utmost security for their digital assets

Our Services

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01 —
Cryptocurrency Consulting

Expert guidance on cryptocurrency regulations, compliance, and best practices

06 —
Cross-Border Payments

Enable real-time global payments: faster, reliable, and cost-effective for businesses and customers

02 —
Blockchain Development

Customized blockchain solutions tailored to specific business requirements

04 —
Blockchain Audits

Evaluation and assessment of blockchain systems for security vulnerabilities and compliance

05 —
Legal Services

Legal advice and support pertaining to cryptocurrency regulations, licensing, and intellectual property protection

03 —
Data Protection

Comprehensive data protection strategies, encryption, and privacy solutions
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